Explore the hidden treasures that Brunei has to offer.

Brunei is a small, diverse & peaceful kingdom located on the northern shores of Borneo. With its pristine rainforest, exotic flora and fauna, the Kingdom of Brunei boasts one of the world’s most unspoilt ecosystems. This makes Brunei a lush and relaxing sanctuary from the stresses of modern life. Although a small nation, there is so much to be discovered.


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Mangrove Tour

A great tour for the wildlife enthusiast. Brunei's mangroves are full of rare and exotic birds and animals that can only be found in Borneo. A local guide will navigate you through the narrow mangrove channels, explain the complex ecosystem and help you to spot shy wildlife hiding among the trees branches.
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Full Day City Tour

The golden domes of Brunei's landmarks await as you explore the jewel in Borneo's crown. This tour encompasses the best of the capitols monuments and iconic sites, with access to Brunei's museums of wonder and an exclusive look into life on the largest water village in the world. In-between all the excitement you will get the chance to eat like the locals in a specially chosen restaurant. Come and explore the real Brunei.
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Beautiful Brunei Stopover (3 Days 2 nights)

Experience the best that Brunei has to offer in this enriching 3 day 2 night stopover package. A stress free, beautiful location awaits as you step of the plane and into the welcoming hands of our local guides. On this beautifully crafted package you will be given a private tour of the capital and the world's largest water village Kampong Ayer, do some wildlife spotting in mangroves and experience the untouched beauty of the Borneo rainforest. You don’t need to worry about a thing as we will take care of your hotel and meals. All you need to do is arrive.
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